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OK…Your ready to buy a coin off a web site or on line coin auction. The seller is representing the coin as an MS-65..but is it.

  It hard to accurately judge the grade of a coin just by a picture. Especially if the picture is of low resolution and proper lighting was not used when the photo was snapped. I’ve bought coins on line in the past that were latter determined to be as much as 4 to 5 grades lower when sent to a top tier grading company. I’ve also bought coins that were represented as DMPL, that upon inspection were not.

  So what’s the big deal you ask, if the coin is graded one or two grades to high. Lets assume that you buy the coin based on the representation that it is the higher of the two example grades below..( now that is loosing money) Well, here are a few examples:

1878-s Morgan Dollar    MS-65  DMPL               $7,500

                                           MS-65 (not dmpl)        $  310


1880 Morgan Dollar         MS-65                          $745

                                             MS-64                         $150


1880-O Morgan Dollar          MS-65                     $26,250

                                                  MS-62                      $    158  (ouch) get the point.    The proper grade of a coin has a lot to do with the value, so unless you are an expert’ be carefully buying raw coins or coins graded by low tier grading companies.

 Most of the coins I sell on my E Bay store and in my on line auctions on Proxibid and I- Collector are graded by the top two grading companies and they back up their grading with a guarantee.  

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  Ok, I going to let you in on a little secret. I’ve bought coins in the past, that were either not real or what PCGS likes to refer to as ” Genuine”.  Just like anything of value, if an item is worth a lot of money, there is someone out there willing to produce a counterfeit.

  I have to tell you, some of the look a likes out there make it very hard to distinguish between the fake and the real Mc Coy. Pictures can hide a lot of flaws and impurities.  You will find Gold plated, changed dates and mint marks, and even real coins cleaned or doctored up to increase the value.

  I have sent coins off to be graded that come back a counterfeit, cleaned, genuine (which means a real coin that has somehow be altered by cleaning, chemicals, etc. This determination will make your high dollar coin, nearly worthless.

When you purchase raw coins you are really rolling the dice. I suggest purchasing coins graded by the top two grading companies in the world, PCGS and NGC. These companies have the technology and expertise to accurately grade your coins and to insure that the are genuine. The coins are then sealed in a tamper evident capsule to further insure that you get what you pay for. In addition both companies offer a guarantee that if the coin is mis-graded or is not genuine they will re-inspect the coin and pay the difference in value. These certified coin will also consistently bring a higher sale price when it is time to sell. I sell mostly graded coins on my E bay site and my auctions.

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Thankfully there are many paths to financial freedom in this great country. You can invest in Real Estate, start a business, invent a new product or service, or come up with the latest social networking web site.

Some of the paths require a ton of start up capital, long hours of work, or just plain luck. Of course, there is no reason you can’t head down several paths at once.  You may find yourself limited by how hard you want to work and how many hours you are wiling to put in.

Let me suggest that you look towards rare coins as one method of multiplying your wealth, while engaging in a very interesting and rewarding endeavor.  You can easily devote as little as an hour a week and begin growing your collection and making a profit.

Unless you jump into the coin business full time, it’s a fairly passive income and wealth builder. You can literally buy some high quality coins and place them in your desk drawer for a few years and you will likely be rewarded.

Here are a few examples of some choice coins and their values if bought 5 years ago, and their price today (credit to PCGS price guide)

1942 1 cent ddo fs-103 ms 65 red     was $5.00           now $1,150   a  22900 % increase

1958 quarter  ms 67+                           was $320             now $2,180 a      681% increase

1897-s 50 cent ms 58                           was $2,000          now $12,950   a   647% increase get the picture.   Remember these gains were obtained without physical labor, long hours of hard work, or time away from the family. Of course not all coins go up in this fashion, but overall the track record on rare coins has been significant. Its simply a matter of supply and demand, and they just are not making any more 150 year old coins.

Check out my E Bay site, and also my current auctions on I- Collector and Proxibid, to get started. If you need a specific coin, just let me know.

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  Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, and Insurance policies..each one an important part of your diverse financial portfolio. Financial counselors are quick to recommend IRAs, Mutual funds, and commodities, but what about rare coins and precious metals.

   To have a truly diverse and well rounded portfolio, I think its appropriate to have at least 15% of your assets in precious metals and numismatic  type coins.   These invests offer solid growth performance as well as providing an excellent vehicle for preservation of principle.

Many people like hard assets that they can personally hold and control. An additional benefit is the enjoyment you will find in collecting and studying rare coins. If you have not done so already, consider acquiring some rare coins today.

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  Come on guys…admit it. We all like to collect and invest in the really cool macho coins. There is nothing like a Morgan or Peace dollar, a Twenty dollar Gold piece or rare commemorative in MS-70.

   What about the lowly penny, the Lincoln cent, wheat cent, Indian head cent,or 2 cent piece. The truth is that many of these coins have been great investments and have attracted more than their share of collector interest.

  Just take a look at the venerable 1909-S VBD Lincoln cent. This coin is among the most collectible and well known coins in coin collecting today. From a initial face value of only one cent this coin can easily sell for 350,000 times its initial value.

   To be honest, I don’t think you can actually buy anything for a penny anymore; and I’m not sure how much longer they will be minted. Long ago the cost of minting the coin actually exceeded the face value of the coin. They will probably do the way of the half-penny or the half dime.  In my mind these factors simply add to the appeal of the coin.

  I always make sure that I included a representative quantity of these fine coins in my auctions and E-Bay site.  Bid on one today..

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Coin auctions are a great alternative to purchasing coins at coin shops, classified ads, and television shopping shows.  There are dozens of live and on- line coin auctions underway every day. Auctions bring to market large quantities of  coins and collectibles, often at very competitive prices.  Years ago auctions were used to sell coins and merchandise that were inferior, damaged, or not genuine, in an unreserved format,  for pennies on the dollar. “Let the buyer beware” was the unwritten understanding.

Auctions have long since evolved into highly respected marketing tools. The majority of web sites that host coin auctions today have strict rules of conduct for both buyers and sellers. Coins must be honestly described with detailed and accurate photographs. Its not unusual to see some very rare and valuable coins, as well as certified and graded coins by the top grading companies. bid prices may start at $1.00 or very close to the actual book value. Competitive bidding and reserves placed by the seller, help insure that both buyer and seller get a “fair” deal.

Of course its possible for a buyer to obtain a coin at a much reduced price however Multiple bidders will often elevate the price of the coins to near or above the book values. Its very rare that a bidder will get a valuable coin for half or less of the market price. Its also rare that precious metals will sell for much less than the current spot price. Often bidders will spend hours bidding on a  large group of coins or precious metals at half or less than the going value. These bidders will often be disappointed and rarely win any substantial number of lots.

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